To beat hackers at their own game, you need to think like them

we are bugsec

Bugsec is a fast-paced cybersecurity company, providing high-end consulting and managed security services (MSSP). We apply attack-oriented defensive strategies delivered by leading cyber experts.  By ethically hacking some of the largest global companies in all major industries, we showed that we have what it takes to protect our customers from hostile hackers and cyber attacks.

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What We do

BugSec identifies and addresses the most crucial cybersecurity challenges facing organizations today – from predicting unknown threats to preventing tailored attacks. These types of attacks are hard to plan for, expensive to recover from, and nearly impossible to stop with most of the available security solutions, products, controls, policies & regulations currently on the market.
To successfully tackle these threats, companies must remain “one step ahead” of malicious attackers at all times. BugSec delivers “one step ahead” security solutions by identifying creative attack vectors and zero-day vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. We then use these scenarios in our offensive department to test and challenge the defenses of our customers.



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