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The BugSec team is made up of some of the world’s most talented offensive and defensive experts and security researchers, who work together with intelligence and law enforcement organizations around the world to help our customers protect their assets. Join us to make the world a safer place.




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  • Soc Analyst
    Job Description: The SOC/CSIRT Analysts (Tier I) will be members of Security Operations Centre and...
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  • We are Looking For Application Security Expert
    Responsibilities Provide insight into the latest application security vulnerabilities and exploits Conduct manual security...
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  • We are looking for security researcher
    Extensive experience within a research team or with research projects Reverse Engineering(x86/x64) skills, and exploit...
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  • We are looking for Penetration Testers
    If hacking is in your blood, come have fun with us! The job is...
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  • We are looking for a Senior Architect
    Requirements: High level of expertise in corporate security (architecture, security controls, administrative measures, etc.)...
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