Information Security Architect

Position Overview:

  1. Deploy, manage and maintain all security systems such as: IPS, WAF / Database / XML Firewalls, Vulnerability Assessment and Hardening Compliance Controls, etc.
  2. Security planning & integration; Detect security weaknesses within the infrastructure and provide the right technical controls in order to mitigate the risks.
  3. Create and re-configure SIEM alerts, according the Security violations and events, from the relevant systems.
  4. Assess need for any security re-configurations (minor or significant) and execute as required.
  5. Seek for new security solution / technologies.
  6. Ensure IT environment conforms to all the company’s regulations and information security best-practices.

Minimum Qualifications:

5+ years information security hands-on experience.

Experience with implementing and managing Network Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Web content filters, NAC, WAF, DB-FW.

In-depth understanding of SIEM technology, incident handling, configuring new rules, and fine-tuning the existing rules.

In-depth understanding of IP networking, TCP/IP well known protocols, network segmentation and Network security-related technologies.

In-depth technical knowledge of IT operating systems.

Strong organisational skills and excellent attention to details.

Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks.

On-call security support as needed.

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