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Control your security operations from one Unified Platform

IRON will simplify the security lifecycle process by giving you a full control of your penetration testing campaigns, your Incident Responses, your Forensic investigations and more.

you will be able to pick the right people for your needs according to their skills and experience. 

Who said it was difficult to find good resources in Cyber?

With our ‘’under attack” button, you will never lose a second to bring the right people to your security incident, in less than 5 clicks, you’ll be able to gather the right incident responders, pentester or forensic team.

IRON brings you the opportunity to work with the sharpest people all around the planet, you define your rules, and we bring you the skills.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, perfect it

By using IRON, you will ensure to maintain the same level of quality in all your security operations as we rely on the most proven industry standards in each field.

STIIX, SANS Diamond Model for Incident Response, ATT&CK, we think that relying on the most solid and used security models is the only way to build a reliable and useful platform.

One platform for all your dashboards and statistics

Map your attack surface automatically with IRON, all your pentest, forensic and incident response data gathered in one place will let you sharpen your security dashboards within the platform the way you want it.

Stop playing with dozens of excel files, we directly let you track your mitigation performances, the course of a security incident or the severity of your pentest findings.

Security is our Job

Security is fundamental to us, and our most important core value, your data are always secure within IRON, and you’ll always keep the full control over them.

As a flexible SaaS platform, IRON permit let you define your security policy, your encryption keys, the way you access your data, even the control of the tenant is yours.