24/7 remote centralized operation center full scope holistic protection

BugSec’s MDR service enables organizations to achieve maximum security and readiness to any threat. Using a wide range of on and off-premises technologies, together with our top-notch cyber security analysts’ expertise, we provide a full scope of security protection measures to companies of all sizes. Our unique approach to Information Security and Event Management (SIEM) enrichment and Incident Response provides holistic protection to your entire site. We offer MDR for the three most vulnerable channels – Web, Email, and Endpoint. Leveraging our sophisticated in-house intelligence capabilities, BugSec monitors all the activity on these channels from a remote, centralized operation center and provides 24/7, end-to-end incident response.


Incident monitoring and response services In-house produced intelligence feed

We offer a managed SOC as an alternative to a self-managed option. It consists of a suite of incident monitoring and response services designed to address any threat. SIEM systems collect data from multiple log sources, then relay it to SOC screens after being correlated smartly and efficiently. BugSec’s Managed SOC key differentiator is an in-house produced intelligence feed; our researchers are constantly on top of new vulnerabilities and when a new one is discovered, it’s sent to our analysts for further investigation and threat hunting eventually leading to a custom signature.


24/7 On call Incident response

BugSec’s team of incident response professionals are on-call at any time of day or night to help you quickly respond and to stop any cybersecurity attack. We get involved immediately, end threats decisively, and get your business back on track quickly. We are prepared to handle any threat, whether it’s a data breach, compromised network, or something else entirely – our incident response team will help you eliminate it for good.