Security Researcher

Department Overview:

We are looking for a Security Researcher across complex systems and technologies.

Position Overview:

–    You will have to use creativity, and fast learning abilities
–    You will have the ability to work within a small and highly-technical team
–    You will be a team member in our new & innovative product group.

Minimum Qualifications:

– At least 3 years of experience in cyber security research in the following fields:
– Static/Dynamic Reverse-Engineering & vulnerability research on different architectures(ARM/MIPS/X86/X64 etc.).
– Embedded/IoT systems vulnerability research(Chipsets/Microcontrollers/SoC etc.)
– Proprietary Protocols analysis and vulnerability research
– Fuzzing techniques & approaches
– In-depth knowledge of Linux based operating systems internals.
– B.Sc. in Computer Science / Software Engineering / graduate of elite intelligence corps Course (Talpiot,
ARAM, Acham , Silan) – Advantage.
– In-depth knowledge of WEB Engines/Protocols – advantage

interested ?