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MDR & Managed Services

Our Managed Services allow organizations to achieve maximum security and threats readiness with . Using a wide range of on and off-premise technologies, together with the expertise of our top-notch cybersecurity analysts, BugSec provides a full scope of security protections to companies of all sizes. Our unique approach to SIEM Enrichment and Incident Response Tactics are our main key differentiators.

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Red Team

Hiring our Red Teams for offensive assignments will provide the answer of "is my organization safe enough?". The key concept of this service is “Technology is not enough” and in a reality where cybersecurity threats are getting more complex every day the urge to go beyond the “V” is rising. In order to address this challenge, our professionals put your organizational controls in test and strive to detect potential holes that might appear across stitches of the organization security fabric.
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Blue Team

Our Blue Team architects and experts will evaluate your security controls and get you up and running to meet industry regulations and compliance standards. While doing so, we will also make sure that it aligns with your corporate business guidelines and goals. Our Blue Team offers various types of security site survey across all layers of technology in order to meet corporate requirements.

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Security R&D

Our research and development team is dedicated to mitigating complex security threats by conducting malware analysis and reverse engineering. We rely on our world-class investigation and intelligence capabilities to provide SIEM enrichment for our managed SOC customers and live intelligence feed for our broad landscape of MDR customers. BugSec’s R&D team also provides a unique Security Product Evaluation service for cyber security vendors. Using our ethical hacking prowess and out-of-the-box thinking, we can pinpoint and tackle any security issues that were not identified during a conventional software development lifecycle.

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