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DDoS Simulations

DDoS Simulations

DDoS Simulations

BugSec presents the cyber simulation division that provide services to ensuring the appropriate technological and organizational controls are in place to mitigate the risk of advanced cyber-attacks and lower the possible impact of cyber-attacks.

The main purpose of this service is to simulate a Distributed Denial of Service or DDOS attack. This type of simulated attack denies the application’s availability and can result in a significant loss of revenue and damage to reputation.


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The main purpose of this service is to simulate a Distributed Denial of Service or DDOS attack. This type of attack denies service for a prolonged period of time and can result in a significant loss of revenue and damage to reputation. Currently DDoS attacks are the most popular form of attack by hackers.

As botnets become more and more accessible and can even be rented hourly or for a specific project by criminals to perform DDOS attacks on websites and other infrastructure, these attacks are becoming a major concern for organizations all around the world.

Even though organizations are investing increasing amounts of money in DDoS counter-measures, most of them still don’t understand the real impact of a DDoS attack on an organization.

Bugsec’s DDoS Simulation Service is a unique service based on a global cloud-based environment, developed by BugSec itself, enabling multiple cloud-computing platform providers to be stringed together and to launch several kinds of DDOS attacks – from basic network flood attacks, to more advanced cryptographically challenging SSL connection flood attacks and even application level attacks that require a much higher computing capacity.

This kind of real-world simulation gives organizations a realistic picture of the real flaws they have in their infrastructure and internal procedures.
Once they have the full picture, organizations can acquire and/or develop mitigation solutions that will increase their security level. These investments will be made where they are most needed and would thus provide the best value for money to mitigate these kind of threats.

BugSec performs all the DDoS simulation attacks at night, and will full coordination with the customer, in order not to cause problems with the day-to-day operation of an organization as at night normal activity load is generally low.

Each simulation is performed by a full team of engineers who first examine the results and performances of each individual attack before proceeding to combining multiple attacks simultaneously to see the results of these multiple attacks on the mitigation capabilities of the organization.

Generally speaking, the scope of the DDoS simulation will include the following types of attack:
– Volumetric attacks, such as ICMP, UDP and DNS floods
– TCP/SYN attacks
– DNS based attacks
– SSL based attacks
– Application based attacks, such as HTTP server, insecure file handling and heavy queries attacks


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