Our team



Our Team


  • Over 20 years’ experience in information security, with a proven record and extensive knowledge in successful entrepreneurship and business development in the Israeli and international markets.

    Ronen Carmona
  • 15 years of experience in characterizing, leading and executing complex information security projects for enterprise customers. In depth knowledge of various information security solutions manufacturers, cloud solutions and a savvy in the vast range of information protection services available.

    Refael shtainmetz
    VP Sales
  • Ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to customers and analysis of queue systems is conducted.

    Omri Noyman
  • Director and Technical Leader of all Cyber & information-security technology operations at Bugsec, including performance of the most challenging and complicated security-research operations in different fields.

    Stas Volfus
  • As the driving force behind the success of the company she is  responsible for the following aspects: employee benefit and welfare ,retention, staffing  and bringing out the best work ethic. Dana’s moto is that every day you spend without a smile is  a lost day.

    Dana Matsliah
    Head of HR
  • Expert security architect Responsible for special information security projects. Vast ability to identify and address significant technical security vulnerabilities related to network and application security architecture.

    Matan Ben Lulu
    Senior Security Architect
  • Technical Security Risk Assessment professional with extensive experience in the banking, insurance, high-tech, government and defense sectors.

    Michael Milhovitch
    Defensive Team Leader
  • Insightful, excellent in problem solving, troubleshooting and out of the box thinking. A motivated team player that believes in achieving success through teamwork and team participation at all levels

    Andrey Gvozdenko
    Offensive Team Leader
  • Advocates ethical hacking and consults on general information security issues. Evolved from defensive security and integrating his experience and leveraging his diverse point of view.

    Liran Segal
    Offensive Team Leader
  • Ethical hacker with a proven record of success. And training Information security, both in Israel and in other countries like Africa. Deeply in love with the field and dedicated to conquer every professional challenge.

    Ilan Mindel
    Offensive Team Leader
  • Expert security researcher with deep knowledge of offensive cyber-security, and finding vulnerabilities in various environments.

    Omri Dar
    Research Team Leader




  • Eyal Gruner
    Co Founder
  • Boaz Zilber
    Co Founder
  • Idan Amir
    Co Founder
  • Netanel Amar
    Managing Director


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